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See how your low-income customers experience Opower's Behavioral Energy Efficiency Solution.

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    Identifying the population

    Low income customers are identified for enrollment using two methods. First, the utility shares known low income households, along with their language preferences. Second, Opower Customer Intelligence flags additional customers likely to qualify for low income programs based on data matching and analytics.


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    Tips and resources they can use

    Identified by Opower as low income likely, Grace begins receiving home energy reports that include easy tips for how she can start saving energy and money, as well as information on local support resources. Previously unaware of her utility's rate assistance program, Grace enrolls to help reduce her utility bill. While registering, she changes her language preference to Spanish.


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    Alerts in chosen language

    Halfway through the month, Grace receives a text message in Spanish warning her that she is headed for a high bill this month and to go online to learn how to save. She is happy to see she can easily understand the online expert advice as it is given in her native language.


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    Smarter targeting

    Grace's utility offers a low income weatherization program but resources are limited. Using Visual Segmentation, the program manager identifies the households that will realize the greatest benefits from the program, focusing on elderly occupants with a high Opower Activity Score.


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    Better marketing for all programs

    In her next report, Grace receives a promotion to stay warm this winter by participating in the utility's low income weatherization program. Because she dislikes how cold her house can get in the winter, Grace signs up right away.

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Low income households are typically the most difficult to reach, yet represent the greatest opportunity for impactful savings and appreciated engagement. Opower is committed to uncovering the motivators behind low income household decisions, enabling you effectively reach them.

Going beyond efficiency

Our program is proven in the field at over 10 utilities. Watch Arizona Public Service explain how it worked for them.

Monitoring America’s energy distribution

With the largest consumer energy dataset of its kind, Opower understands energy usage across demographics and can build a low income program that works territory-wide.

Reducing energy burden in every home

Low income households in Opower’s programs save as much energy as higher income households. Download our whitepaper to learn more.


Meeting the strictest of standard verification

Opower energy efficiency savings have been independently verified over 29 times.

Investing in security and quality

We take data security and privacy seriously, with SOC II and EU Safe Harbor certifications, and the first set of data privacy principles in the energy efficiency industry.

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