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See how your residential customers experience Opower's Behavioral Energy Efficiency Solution

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    Welcome package for new movers

    Opower's platform triggers a welcome package sent to Emily and Dave's new home a few weeks after their arrival. The utility-branded package introduces them to their home energy report, interactive tools, energy comparison, and special utility offers. They see that they're using more than their average neighbor.


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    Building customer intelligence

    Meanwhile, a utility program manager is developing a list for a home audit program. He uses Opower Customer Intelligence to pull a list of customers who have high cooling use compared to similar homes and old systems installed.


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    Interactive tools

    Emily wants to learn more, so she goes online to explore her usage in depth. She provides her email address and signs up for high bill alerts.


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    Setting a savings goal

    A few weeks later, Dave receives an email Home Energy Report. He is excited to find their usage is now "good". The data-driven email suggests setting a goal online, enabling him to track his progress.


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    Proactive customer assistance

    Halfway through the month, Dave gets a text message informing him he is headed toward a high bill that month. He and Emily appreciate the heads up, and take steps at home to save energy.


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    Targeted EE marketing

    Utility and Opower program managers use Visual Segmentation to identify customers to target for a home audit campaign. Because she recently received a high bill and has taken an online audit, Emily receives a promotion for an in-person audit in her next report and enrolls.

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Deployed at over 90 utilities worldwide, the Opower Energy Efficiency solution has produced upwards of 4 TWh of savings to date. And that’s just the start.

Introducing Opower’s Marketplace Suite

Explore Opower’s newest offering that empowers customers with efficient product recommendations, streamlines the rebate process, and unlocks new business value for utilities.

Delivering consistent savings at scale

Opower delivers 1-3.5% savings across our customer base of 90+ utilities worldwide, at a scale that rivals lighting. Opower energy efficiency savings have been independently verified over 29 times.

Seeing the potential for much more

The potential for behavioral energy efficiency is over 18,000 GWh in the US alone.

Investing in security and quality

We take security and reliability seriously, with SOC II and EU Safe Harbor certifications, and a team of over 30 quality assurance engineers performing 300+ quality checks.

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