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    Demand response for everyone

    In early May, Michael receives a postcard from his utility encouraging him to work with his neighbors to reduce his energy usage during the peak season. Michael starts to think about ways to shift energy usage during the 5-10 hottest days of the summer.


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    Peak savings alert

    One Tuesday in June, Michael receives an email from his utility notifying him that tomorrow is a peak day. The email asks Michael to join his neighbors in making small changes in how he uses energy on Wednesday between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.


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    Conserving on a peak day

    On Wednesday morning, before he leaves the house for work, Michael makes a few small changes to conserve energy on the peak day. For example, Michael turns up his thermostat a few degrees and he decides to wait until Saturday to do his laundry rather than do it when he gets back from work.


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    Fast feedback for saving

    On Thursday morning at 10 a.m., Michael receives an email from his utility thanking him for helping to conserve energy during the peak day. Michael is interested to find out how his usage ranked against other similar homes, and thinks of additional ways to conserve energy when he receives the next request from his utility.


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    Cost-effective program management

    Prior to the next event, Opower performs program optimization to ensure that savings are maximized through delivering the right content to the right customers through the right channels.


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    Quantified improvement

    Michael participates in 4 more utility events throughout the season. At the conclusion, he receives a useful summary showing that he improved his performance on each event. He also learns that, based on his usage this summer, he could save money on his bill by switching to a "Time-of-Use" rate.

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