We have been measuring and verifying our results with our utility partners since day one, and we’ve built an ever-expanding array of data that shows a simple and compelling conclusion: Opower works.

Cost-effective energy savings

Behavioral energy efficiency is one of the most exciting new sources of large-scale energy savings: it's reliable, consistent, and cost-effective.

Daily and seasonal peak reductions

Overall energy savings are great, of course, but their timing is just as important. Opower program participants actually save the most energy during peak usage periods—a result that benefits both utilities and their customers.

Increased customer engagement and satisfaction

One of the most satisfying outcomes we’ve seen across our programs is that energy efficient customers are happy customers. We’ve measured statistically significant increases in utility customer satisfaction as a direct result of Opower program participation.

...and we play nicely with other utility programs

Opower has become a favorite tool for energy efficiency directors and utility marketing teams alike. Customers exposed to the Opower platform are more likely to participate in other utility programs and promotions—making both marketing and energy efficiency departments happy.

Opower customers have