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Digital Engagement

Create world-class web and mobile experiences for your customers.

  • Motivate self-service
  • Boost satisfaction and loyalty
  • Market more effectively
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The basics

What you can do with Digital Engagement

Examples of what you can do with digital engagement insights.
  • Show customers personalized energy and billing insights
  • Build satisfaction and loyalty
  • Market products and services to the customers mostly likely to use them
  • Drive key actions with rewards and an online marketplace

The industry’s leading web platform

Web architecture icon.

Powerful web architecture

Embed insight-rich web tools on your website — anywhere, anytime.

Ease of launch for you IT team icon.

Zero-stress implementation

Give your IT team a break with a solution that's stable, proven, and easy to launch.

All-in-one platform icon.

An all-in-one solution

Get rewards, a marketplace, digital ads, and energy insights on one platform.


Results you care about

Join utilities that doubled their web traffic and boosted customer sentiment 22%.

World-class design team.

World-class design

Choose a team that built some of the world’s best websites.

Industry understanding from building 85+ utility websites.

An industry's worth of experience

Benefit from best practices developed across 85+ utility websites.


Deployment options for any utility website

Create a seamless integration for ease and flexibility.

Seamless integration

Add Opower tabs to your web portal. The experience feels just like your utility.

Embed Opower tools on your website with Javascript.

Embeddable widgets

Embed tools and insights anywhere on your website — with just one line of JavaScript.

Use APIs to feed Opower data.


Feed Opower insights and customer data directly into your applications.


Bring your customers online

Draw homes and businesses onto your web portal with personalized outreach. Proactive communications boost web registrations by 4x — and keep customers coming back.

Example of the web tool where you can personalize for your own utility.

Deepen your engagement

Embed personalized insights across your entire website. Interactive tools, bill comparisons, and year-over-year benchmarking help customers understand their energy use and change their behavior.


Change how customers shop

Connect customers with the efficient products and services they need. Opower Marketplace Suite helps you capture more energy savings, increase rebate participation, and unlock new revenue.

See Marketplace Suite

Points and rewards example.
Points and Rewards

Drive key behaviors

Create incentives that motivate customers to log into your website, sign up for programs, and take actions that matter. Points and Rewards are proven to increase satisfaction and lower costs.

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Personalize the content your customers see when they log on.

Match the right message with the right customer

Personalize the content your customers see when they log onto your website. Targeted Web Marketing makes it easy.


Take care of business

Reach your commercial customers with personalized communications, insightful web tools, and exceptional call center experiences. Opower partners with FirstFuel to offer end-to-end digital engagement on a single platform.

The most proven, widely deployed solution

Deployments at utilities worldwide
More registrations for web accounts
Online energy audits completed

Help your team achieve more with Opower