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Demand Response

Transform the way you manage peak demand.

  • Save energy at peak hours
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Engage 100% of your customers
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The basics

What you can do with Demand Response

Examples of the versions of demand response on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Motivate customers to save energy during peak demand
  • Boost dynamic pricing participation
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Market your DSM programs

Demand response that customers love

Customer base icon.

100% of your customers

Engage your entire customer base — not just the 10% who participate in device-based DR.

Cost savings with demand response.

One-third the cost

Deliver reliable peak savings at one-third the cost of traditional demand response programs.

Receive complete customer satisfaction.

Overwhelming satisfaction

See 85% satisfaction — and words like “love” in your social media mentions.

Dynamic rates at scale.

Dynamic rates at scale

Increase customer participation in your dynamic rates program to 75% or more.

Examples of the messages you can send for a peak event.

Engage every customer

Deliver millions of personalized messages within minutes of calling a peak event. Calls, texts, and emails drive customers to shave 3-5% off peak demand — territory-wide, every time.

Examples of a post-event communication.

Close the feedback loop

Show customers how much energy they save during peak events. Follow-up reports motivate households to save more energy and develop long-term demand response habits.


Dependable delivery, every time

Send demand response communications fast.

Lightning-fast communications

Send millions of targeted insights within hours of calling a peak event.

One single set of tools makes for easy management.

Easy event management

Segment customers, call events, and report outcomes using a single set of tools.

Get reports in real-time.

Real-time reporting

Track progress in real time with Opower's proprietary event management software.


Ramp up dynamic pricing

Opower Demand Response works great without special pricing programs, but it’s a powerful way to shift customers onto time-of-use rates.

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Finally, peak savings that scale

Peak savings across your service territory
Customer satisfaction with your program
The cost of traditional demand response

Help your team achieve more with Opower