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Bill Advisor

Show your customers a new billing experience.

  • Boost satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduce call volume and handle time
  • Increase program participation
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The basics

What you can do with Bill Advisor

Examples of the bill advisor product - on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Customer Service Interface

  • Arm CSRs with insights that answer billing questions faster
  • Help customers identify and address big energy costs


Proactive Alerts

  • Notify customers who are on track for high bills
  • Drive customers toward self-service web tools
The Opower difference

Happy customers, lower cost to serve

Easy implementation - bill advisor.

Easy implementation

Plug Opower into your legacy IT and extract new value from your customer information system.

Personalized bill insights - bill advisor.

Personalized bill insights

Help customers understand and control their energy use throughout the billing process.

Smarter call centers - bill advisor.

Smarter call centers

Lower call volume, speed up handling, and roll fewer trucks by arming CSRs with insights.

Technology to scale - bill advisor.

Technology to scale

Personalize every customer's experience with the industry's leading software platform.

Bill advisor feature - bill comparison.

Turn CSRs into energy advisors

Equip service representatives with the personalized insights they need to have satisfying conversations with every customer. Bill Advisor’s CSR tools shorten handle times by 30%, reduce repeat calls, and prevent truck rolls for meter testing.

Bill advisor feature - proactive high bill alerts.

Prevent high bill surprise

Alert customers when they’re on track for high bills and share personalized tips to avoid them. The result: a 6% boost in customer sentiment and a 19% drop in billing calls.

Bill advisor feature - ebill.

Don’t waste the bill moment

Customers pay attention when bills arrive. Seize the moment by embedding targeted insights in your “bill ready” notifications.


Bring your customers online

Unlock operational savings by motivating customers to self-serve. Web tools and rewards programs encourage customers to take the actions that matter, like signing up for eBills.

See Digital Engagement

See results in your bottom line

Fewer calls about billing
Shorter call handle time
Higher customer sentiment

Help your team achieve more with Opower