Watch how big data can drive the next wave of customer engagment Ogi Kavazovic and Nancy Hersh

Processing data from more than 52 million households and businesses

As utilities deploy smart grid technologies, the volume of data they produce each day increases more than 3000-fold. As customers begin interacting more with their utilities online, they create even more data. Opower’s Data Analytics Engine sits on top of the world’s largest repository of energy data -- currently spanning more than 52 million households and businesses, and growing at a rate of more than 100 billion meter reads per year. Opower 6 is optimized for large amounts of time-series data and analytic processing, and can run analytics on billions of meter reads per minute to deliver customer and utility insights in real time with sub-second latencies. The engine runs hundreds of Opower algorithms that process utility data, third-party data, and customer behavioral data to power millions of personalized communications with utility customers on the Opower platform.

And in response to utility requests for more visibility into program performance and customer behavior, Opower has launched Customer Intelligence as part of the Flex release, a business intelligence service that aggregates customer information from multiple utility systems and third-party sources alongside data on customer interactions with Opower’s digital channels. Customer Intelligence will be comported to each client’s market segmentation schemes to uncover behavioral insights relevant to other marketing and customer outreach activities at the utility.

Convert big data into personalized customer experiences

As the amount of data increases, so does the opportunity to unlock insights from that data. Leveraging this resource wisely adds value appreciated by utilities and customers alike.

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