People at Opower

Employee Spotlights

  • Abhishek Chandrasekhar

    As a Professional Services Engineer in Opower’s San Francisco office Abhishek works to ensure that Opower delivers the best possible products and solutions for our utility partners.

  • Forrest Miller

    Forrest is a consumer marketing analyst in Opower’s San Francisco office. He works to ensure that our products and solutions provide the best experience to help utility customers save energy.

  • Jaime Lopez

    As a Graphic Designer on the Content and Design team in our Arlington headquarters Jaime works to create digital and print designs for Opower’s customer-facing materials. More broadly, she focuses on enhancing our creative and production processes as we move into new international markets.

  • Mari Mayachi

    Mari is a software engineer on the Device and Real Time Services team in our San Francisco office. More specifically, she works on the Android client of our mobile thermostat app.

  • Marie Cosgrove-Davies

    Marie is an engineer on Opower’s Client Support team in San Francisco. She ensures that Opower’s utility partners achieve ongoing success in all technical matters related to their energy efficiency programs and customer engagement efforts.

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