Opower Delivers a Fully Integrated Mobile Solution

Allows utility customers to access full functionality of Opower 4’s suite of energy services from mobile devices

San Diego, Calif., DistribuTECH -- January 29, 2012 -- Opower, the leading customer engagement solutions provider for the utility industry, today introduced Opower Mobile, expanding the reach of Opower’s customer-centric utility relationship solutions. The new app, announced at DistribuTECH, builds on Opower’s game-changing offerings and brings the increasingly popular Opower 4 to smartphones. Opower Mobile allows utilities to engage with customers like never before, while empowering customers to take control of their energy use anytime, anywhere on their mobile device.            

“Opower 4 has gained a tremendous amount of traction in 2012 and now reaches more than 15 million customers through a variety of channels,” said Dan Yates, CEO and Founder of Opower. “Opower Mobile enhances the innovative solutions we bring to utilities and can help utilities both reduce their cost-to-serve and improve the customer’s experience, all while bringing the trusted Opower program to the palm of your hand.”

The new mobile solution builds upon lessons learned over five product development years and is a component of Opower’s market-leading customer engagement platform, Opower 4.
Announced in 2012, Opower 4 offers many customer touch points, including home energy reports, web portals, SMS alerts and IVRs. Information conveyed through one part of the platform remains consistent throughout all channels, and any action a customer takes informs the customer’s experience across all components. This coordinated content approach has consistently been proven to increase customer sentiment and the information it provides allows utilities to refine their programs and continually innovate new ways to drive customer satisfaction. Opower 4 is built on big data infrastructure that manages energy data from over 50 million households.

“While many utilities have offered mobile applications in the past, they have often been developed for a singular function, such as bill pay,” said Rod Morris, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations at Opower. 
“This new offering is innovative in that it brings the full customer engagement program that utility customers expect to a smartphone.” 

Opower’s mobile solution provides customers with the ability to pay their bills and report service interruptions in simple and intuitive ways. In addition, the Opower solution includes features such as energy analysis, personalized efficiency tips, and integration with retail offers to ensure customers have an experience that matches the best functionality of anything they’ve seen from apps in other industries. Additional features include:
  • Flexible feature configuration
  • Customization opportunities
  • Usage disaggregation and analysis
  • Personalized efficiency comparisons and tips
  • Thermostat integration
About Opower
Working with 80 utility partners and serving more than 15 million consumers across six countries, Opower is the world’s leading provider of customer engagement solutions for the utility industry.  By providing the tools, information and incentives consumers need to make smarter decisions about their energy use, Opower’s engagement platform and solution suite, Opower 4, enables utilities to involve their customers in programs that support, energy efficiency goals, smart grid and new rate structures, brand loyalty and lowering the cost of service. Proven to drive behavioral change at scale, Opower has helped its utility partners achieve more than 2 TWHs in energy savings, and drives significant increases in customer program participation and overall customer satisfaction.  Founded in 2007 and privately held, Opower is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with offices in San Francisco and London. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @Opower

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