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Pilot to Program: How Utility Customer Behavior Programs Have Matured

Hear a recording of Ahmad Faruqui, Principal of the Brattle Group and Arkadi Gerney, Senior Director for Policy, Partnerships, and Public Affairs provide an overview of behavioral program performance across the country, offer a road map for including behavioral programs in state energy efficiency resource standards, and illustrate real-world examples of why these programs have been good business for the utility industry.

Years ago, utilities interested in customer engagement knew very little about how to implement effective customer behavior programs. Pilot programs had a very narrow, one-year, focus and rarely translated into long-term business cases. Today, more than 75 utilities are running effective customer behavior programs that deliver predictable savings. Utilities and regulators now see customer behavior programs as a profitable business case for delivering against efficiency goals across program cycles.

On this webinar recording, Opower and the Brattle Group will share recommendations for treatment of behavioral energy efficiency programs as a long-term resource in EERS policies. The webinar focused on suggested approaches on how to characterize a behavioral program’s long-term value, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and in terms of accounting towards EERS goals.

Public utility commissioners and regulators, think tanks, vice presidents of energy efficiency and regulatory, efficiency managers, measurement and verification specialists, trade associations, and others may find this webinar recording particularly interesting. 
  • Ahmadfaruqui

    Ahmad Faruqui Principal of the Brattle Group

    Dr. Ahmad Faruqui is an economist who specializes in smart grid strategies involving the consumer. He has led the conceptualization, design, analysis, and evaluation of a wide range of programs including dynamic pricing, demand response, energy efficiency and newly emerging technologies, such as plug-in electric vehicles, rooftop solar, and distributed generation. He has contributed to the development of new paradigms in demand forecasting and has been involved in general rate cases, integrated resource planning, and market design studies focused on the integration of retail and wholesale markets.
  • Arkadi2

    Arkadi Gerney Opower

    Arkadi leads outreach to the federal government, regulatory research, and public policy partnerships with businesses, advocacy groups, and non-profits. Prior to joining Opower, Arkadi worked as Special Advisor and First Deputy Criminal Justice Coordinator to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, where he build and managed Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a national coalition of 550 mayors that Mayor Bloomberg co-chairs. Arkadi also managed some of the City's criminal justice programs and developed other national coalitions that Mayor Bloomberg leads. Before joining the Bloomberg administration, he worked as an attorney at WilmerHale and as a partner in a political consulting firm.

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