The Power of Energy Information Webinar Series

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Converting Your Smart Grid Data into Real Customer Value

A discussion about best practices for storing, processing and analyzing granular energy usage data

As smart meters steadily come online and utilities strive to provide their customers with better tools to understand their energy use, the amount of data being generated, transmitted, and analyzed is growing exponentially. New tools for working with these significant amounts of data are now available.

Join Opower’s Director of Engineering, Drew Hylbert, and Alex Newman, Opower’s Data Architect as they share their experiences establishing Opower’s robust cloud-based computing environment that interfaces with more than 60 utilities. Household disaggregation and connected thermostats with Internet control represent new opportunities for delivering value to utility customers. With these new advancements come increased quantities of data that need to be managed.

Join Drew and Alex as they provide background on the new tools—such as Hadoop—that are available for working with large amounts of unstructured data and why they’re needed. They’ll discuss the interplay between traditional data organization techniques and new data infrastructure options that are available to help you navigate the increasingly difficult landscape of IT infrastructure. They’ll also dive in with specific examples of how Opower uses these tools to provide ancillary value to clients that’s beyond our core offerings. You’ll walk away with the information you need to avoid pitfalls as you take the first step toward managing and deploying large data infrastructures.

CIOs, CTOs, IT managers, and technical staff at utilities will find this webinar particularly interesting.
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    Alex Newman Opower

    Alex Newman has been churning big data for a half a decade. He lead the adoption of Hadoop and HBase at the financial services company Factset for the storage and analysis of market data. From there, he helped found one of the first two software development teams at Cloudera, focusing on operations tooling. At Opower his focus has been on transitioning datasets not suitable for traditional RDBMS and moving them to Opower’s big data infrastructure. He has driven open source contributions at Opower through individual contributorship and mentoring within Opower.

  • Drewhylbert

    Drew Hylbert Opower

    Drew Hylbert is Opower’s Engineering Director, overseeing the architecture team and overall software and systems design from the company’s San Francisco office. He was the evangelist behind the adoption of the Hadoop-based data storage infrastructure for time-series and event data, allowing Opower to scale data storage and processing infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively. Prior to Opower, Drew was Vice President of Engineering at, a social gaming and virtual good transaction platform where he was responsible for architecture and infrastructure teams. His work there led to the creation of a “friend relevancy system,” which processed ~1B events/day and returned relevant ordered lists in less than 100ms. Prior to hi5, Drew was a member of Yahoo’s map/reduce and data warehousing infrastructure team. His work there included the implementation of distributed processes across Yahoo’s network of content, which consumed about 3TB of data for a particular day’s worth of traffic. Drew earned his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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