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How It Works

See how consumers interact with the Opower Thermostat Management Solution

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    Targeted promotion

    Kevin receives his home energy report from his local utility and learns that based on his usage he is eligible for a WiFi Thermostat if he will allow the utility to adjust his usage on really hot days during the summer.


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    Customer choice

    On his utility's website, he selects from a variety of options and pre-schedules his thermostat before it is shipped to him. As he's scheduling his thermostat he is encouraged to select efficient settings through advice based on his actual monthly usage.


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    Ongoing engagement

    A few weeks after installing his thermostat, Kevin is pleasantly surprised when he receives an email from his utility suggesting some more efficient settings. Based on his utility bill and energy usage, he can save up to 17% this summer by adjusting his setting a few degrees. He clicks on the email, which brings up the app, and selects 74 as his new home setting, locking in a 10% reduction on his bill.


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    Personalized advice

    One evening, during the winter, Kevin’s daughter complains to him that it is a bit warm in the house. Kevin opens the App on his phone and sees that it's set to 70 degrees. He reduces it to 67 and receives a prompt that he could save $70 this year by saving 67 as his new set point. He accepts the recommendation.


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    Engaging demand response

    The next summer, in the middle of a heat wave, Kevin comes home to find the house slightly warmer than usual. He opens the App and sees that a Peak Use Event is underway, he starts to opt-out of the event but receives a prompt that only 30 minutes remain and 100% of his neighbors are still participating. He elects to finish the event.

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Designed to deliver an engaging experience and measurable energy results, the Opower Thermostat Management experience spans a mobile app, web platform, and customer service tool that customers love.


Lighting a pathway to deep engagement

Over 50 million homes could connect their utility account to an Opower-enabled thermostat today, and instantly start contributing to your energy efficiency and demand response goals.

Showing customers tangible benefit

Through our Set for Savings feature, Opower uses actual energy usage and billing data to engage your customers.


Getting the highest ratings from customers

Customers rate our thermostat application 4.5 out of 5 stars in Apple’s App Store and 4.3 out of 5 stars in Google Play.

Providing hardware flexibility

Opower works with proven hardware partners to deliver a stable platform across multiple thermostat price points.

Maximizing customer satisfaction

Our product team works directly with residential customers to test new features, resulting in a highly engaging experience that 9 out of 10 customers would recommend to their friends.

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