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    Calling for assistance

    Ashley doesn’t typically think much about her energy usage. But during an unusually cold winter, she receives an energy bill that is much higher than normal for her. Alarmed, she calls her utility company.


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    CSR success

    The call center representative tells Ashley that her bill is higher than usual primarily because of the weather. The representative tells Ashley that she can visit the utility website for tips on saving energy, and offers to enroll Ashley in SMS alerts to stay on top of high bills in the future. Ashley accepts and is enrolled in the program.


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    Proactive high bill alert

    Summer rolls around, and Ashley has not yet visited her utility website. But during a period of hot weather, she gets a text alert from her utility that the CSR set on the Opower platform. It says that she is on track for a high bill. The message tells her that she can go online to learn more.


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    Learning more on the web

    Ashley, curious about the information she saw on the SMS, logs into her utility website later that night. After completing a home energy assessment, she finds that her high usage is primarily due to the amount of energy she spends cooling her home. The assessment provides Ashley with tips for how to save energy on cooling.


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    Visual segmentation

    Meanwhile, a program manager at Ashley’s utility is creating a marketing campaign designed to enroll more people in paperless billing. He creates a segment targeting customers who have high usage, have email addresses on file, and have had a moderate amount of engagement with the utility recently. Ashley falls into this segment.


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    eBill promotion

    A few weeks later, Ashley receives an email Home Energy report. Due to her segmentation, she sees a promotion for electronic billing included in this email. Ashley has shown a tendency to be price-conscious, so the paperless billing promotion includes language that references how eBills can help her stay on top of her finances.


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    Ongoing engagement

    From time to time, Ashley still interacts with her utility. She goes online to track her usage to find out more ways to save. She opens the emails she receives and completes her home profile information. Each action she takes is logged in Opower Customer Intelligence. Her utility uses data from this ongoing engagement to target her with new offers, promotions and tips.

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Many customer engagement initiatives provide soft value propositions. But Opower’s customer care solution is built from the ground up to measure results and impact to ensure your investment is justified. Below are some examples of client success with the Opower Customer Engagement solution.

Delivering smart grid value to consumers

Opower’s solution consistently increases the extent to which customers say they find smart meters valuable. Watch Val Jensen describe how ComEd uses Opower’s Customer Engagement solution to create value for customers through the smart grid.

Increasing digital engagement

Time-on-site for utility websites using Opower is up to 4x higher than what they had before. Open rates and click-throughs for utility digital communications on our platform are consistently high.

Giving customers the digital experience they deserve

Surveys prove that utility customers using Opower's solution trust their utility more and believe it wants to help them save money.

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