Opower 5: Flex platform

Convert big data into personalized customer experiences.

The only cloud-based platform for utility customers operating at scale.

Opower 5: Flex combines cutting-edge importers and analytics engines with design-driven products to provide an end-to-end customer experience. Now with more visibility, flexibility, and personalization for utilities.

Concurrent Outbound Messaging

Opower’s system is capable of delivering millions of outbound messages in short time frames in order to meet the time sensitive objectives of utilities. Our system synchronizes delivery of content across all channels—email, postal mail, SMS and IVR—and offers customers a single control interface.

  • Mailed & Digital Home Energy Reports
  • Time-based and Contextual Usage Alerts

Web & Mobile Frameworks

Opower’s self-service capabilities are provided through off-the-shelf visualizations across desktop and mobile that help customers understand energy use through interactive data analysis. Opower 5 enables utilities to customize content and design to support their individualized preferences and goals. Using Opower’s Extensible Web Framework, utilities can develop new functionality on the platform, powered by over 35 platform integrated APIs, with simple javascript changes.

  • Desktop and Mobile Web Portal
  • CSR Portal

Thermostat Management

Opower’s behavioral science and data analytics give utilities and their customers even more powerful results when integrated with thermostats, which control about half of all home energy use. Through this integration we can provide even deeper EE and DR results by accessing a wide variety of wifi thermostats.

  • Thermostats

Personalization Engine

Opower 5 is built to translate large volumes of data into personalized and actionable insights for customers. Integration with our Big Data Analytics Engine allows us to perform sophisticated Visual Segmentation in real-time, tailor content, and trigger messages specific to each individual customer. Based on extensive client feedback, Opower has built Real-time Segmentation, a first of its kind GUI enabling rapid development of new customer segments across hundreds of variables. These segments never grow stale as they are then updated nightly, and together can enable millions of personalized experiences.

  • Psychographic & Behavioral Segmentation
  • Rich, Tailored Content
  • Scheduled Message Delivery

Big Data Analytics

Recognizing the massive increase in energy data that would result from the rollout of Advanced Metering Instruments (AMI), network-enabled thermostats, energy consumption tracking devices, and digital engagement channels, Opower has been building an analytics engine capable of storing massive, dynamic data and conducting real-time analysis across the store.

  • Hadoop & HBase Storage
  • High-frequency Computation

Data Integration System

The ability to import massive and diverse datasets into one system is essential to providing utilities and customers with energy analysis and insight. Opower’s data importing capabilities have been growing and evolving since 2007, with an eye toward scalability and reliability.

  • Many Sourced Data Import
  • Robust & Redundant Validation
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