Opower 5.5: Flex platform

Convert big data into personalized customer experiences.

The only cloud-based platform for utility customers operating at scale.

Opower 5.5: Flex combines data management, insightful analytics, and behavioral science to position utilities as trusted energy advisors to the customers they serve.

Data Integrator

The ability to import massive and diverse datasets into one system is essential to providing utilities and customers with energy analysis and insight. Opower imports both structured and unstructured data from a range of sources including utility customer systems, meter data management systems, CRM systems, SCADA systems, and third-party data sources. This data is validated and cleaned using routines that been refined over 7 years of working with nearly 100 clients.

Customer Data Warehouse

The Customer Data Warehouse provides a centralized repository for a utility's customer data, customer interaction data, operational data, and third party data. This warehouse is built on leading technologies like Hadoop and HBase, and provides utilities a unified view of customer attributes, behavior, and trends. Opower 5.5: Flex contains data for over 50 million utility customers and 300 billion meter reads, with its data store growing at a rate of more than 100 billion meter reads per year. This data is accessible through Opower's Customer Intelligence suite.

Analytics Engine

Drawing from diverse set of sources, the Analytics Engine analyzes large data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. Opower 5.5: Flex performs high-frequency computation in order to identify customer, meter data, and operational insights including usage disaggregation, load curve identification, bill forecasts, and meter health. These analytics are optimized and refined using the most diverse database of customer and meter data in the world.

Automation Engine

Opower 5.5: Flex is built to translate large volumes of data into personalized and actionable insights for customers. Integration with our Analytics Engine allows us to perform sophisticated segmentation in real-time, tailor content, and trigger messages specific to each individual customer. These segments never grow stale as they are then updated nightly, and together can enable millions of personalized experiences.

Delivery Engine

Opower 5.5: Flex is capable of delivering millions of outbound messages in short time frames in order to meet the time sensitive objectives of utilities. Our system synchronizes delivery of content across all channels including email, postal mail, SMS, IVR, web, mobile, and smart devices. Interactions are automatically fed into the Analytics and Automation Engines in order to dynamically change content and channel.

Customer Intelligence, BI, and APIs

Opower’s extensible framework enables utilities to access Opower 5.5: Flex data and analytics through a variety of approaches. Opower’s Customer Intelligence and BI tools provide flexibility to quickly identify and analyze trends through self-service tools, and real-time APIs provide robust read and write to Opower’s data services. This extensibility allows for tight integration into utility enterprise systems.

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