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  • “There is not really any need to make the Super Bowl more popular than it already is. Nonetheless, there’s a surprisingly good thing about it that you may not have heard of before — namely, that this event has actually been documented to save energy on a large scale.

    And this isn’t just a curiosity or statistical quirk. There’s a bigger lesson here about a crucial but often overlooked factor involved in energy use — how much time we spend with other people, rather than alone in our homes.

    Why people use less energy on Super Bowl Sunday

    January 28, 2015

  • “Creating great customer experiences is not easy, but here’s some good news. Academic research in behavioral economics and psychology has produced a foundation of lessons that, when combined with technology, can help companies relieve customer pain points and deliver delightful experiences in any industry.”

    The Rise of the Chief Behavioral Officer

    January 28, 2015

  • “Robert Cialdini, the father of the “commitment principle,” is now chief scientist at Opower, which focuses on using the psychological trick he coined to lower energy usage. It’s based on his famous “door-hanger” experiment: In 2007 he and colleagues went through neighborhoods in San Diego hanging notices on doors encouraging home dwellers to reduce their energy usage. Some of the signs nudged people to cut their consumption to save money or to be better citizens, but one simply said that “most people in the neighborhood” were conserving energy. It proved to be the most effective.”

    A Massive Social Experiment On You Is Under Way, And You Will Love It

    January 21, 2015

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  • “Rocky Mountain Power has rolled out a new customer service to its Wyoming customers containing customized electricity usage information. The new Home Energy Reports will be mailed to 18,000 randomly selected Wyoming customers and are designed to help customers review their electricity consumption and explore ways to reduce costs through conservation and utilizing wattsmart strategies.”

    Rocky Mountain Power brings new services to Wyoming customers

    January 28, 2015

  • “Austin Utilities is getting some positive feedback on its Home Energy Reports program. A recent set of phone surveys found a majority of HER program recipients are happy to receive reports on their energy usage.

    The surveys, conducted last month, found 61 percent of respondents said they are glad to receive the reports and they find the information useful. About half of customers surveyed also said the reports improved their feelings toward the utility. Above all, most customers liked the neighbor comparison feature on the reports best.

    Utilities survey finds customers support reports on energy usage

    January 27, 2015

  • At first it looked like a Kansas City Power & Light Co. bill had come early. I grumbled, opened the envelope and prepared to write another check. But the letter wasn’t a pinch from the power company.

    Instead, KCP&L was letting my partner Bette and me know how our energy use compared with our neighbors’. We are among more than 150,000 of the utility’s Missouri customers in the Home Energy Report program, a KCP&L spokeswoman said.”

    KCP&L compares neighbors’ energy use and helps cheer people to lower electricity bills

    January 20, 2015

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