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  • Unlocking the Potential of Behavioral Energy Efficiency

    Opower - November 7, 2013

    Shocks to the efficiency landscape, including the saturation and phase-out of CFL programs and falling electricity generation costs, mean that there are fewer programs available to deliver large-scale and cost-effective energy savings. As a result, utilities are increasingly turning to behavioral programs to supercharge their residential energy efficiency portfolios. As the landscape for energy efficiency changes, it is important to consider the savings potential of these programs. Opower has examined the achievable savings potential from behavior change within the residential sector at a national scale. You can read our findings by downloading the whitepaper here.
  • Five Universal Truths About Energy Consumers

    Opower - October 8, 2013

    This report unveils a set of key insights that we’ve termed the “5 Universal Truths” — 5 things that are true for utility customers everywhere, irrespective of geography or regulatory environment. The paper also covers how utilities can use these truths to improve the customer relationship.
  • Is Mobile Turning Into A Missed Opportunity?

    Opower - July 9, 2013

    Today, most utilities approach mobile in a reactive way. Customers have moved towards mobile devices, and utilities have struggled to respond. As a result, initial solutions have consisted of basic, mobile-optimized websites or transaction-oriented applications. This white paper examines how other industries that have engaged their customer base through mobile and presents best practices for the utility sector.
  • Privacy and Security: Leading the industry with SOC 2

    Opower - March 7, 2013

    Effective January 2013, Opower is proud to announce that we have now achieved the gold standard in third-party verified information security assurances—known as SOC 2 Type 2. Awarded by Deloitte & Touche, Opower’s SOC 2 certification firmly establishes it as the market vanguard for protecting customer data. This certification builds on a foundation of privacy and security investments and further establishes Opower’s track record of industry leadership.
  • Best Practices For Designing Energy Efficiency Obligations

    Opower - March 5, 2013

    The European Union's 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive requires each Member State to adopt a strategy for achieving the EU goal of improving energy efficiency by 20% by 2020. Fortunately, there are many successful Energy Efficiency Obligation models upon which policymakers can draw. As a participant in efficiency markets around the world, Opower offers this White Paper to identify the key policy levers that Member States should consider as they design and implement Energy Efficiency Obligations.
  • Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole - Behavioral Energy Efficiency at Scale

    Opower - January 30, 2013

    Behavioral programs deliver a range of benefits, including direct savings, increased participation rates for installed measures, and improved customer satisfaction. As such, behavioral programs merit, and (usually) receive, broad support from the policy community. Yet a problem remains - not with behavioral programs themselves, but with a regulatory framework that was specifically designed to account for installed measures. As utilities and regulators seek to expand the use of behavioral energy efficiency, this whitepaper introduces a range of accounting improvements, and also explores the idea that all consumers ought to receive information to help them manage their energy use.
  • Effective Customer Engagement

    Pike Research - January 15, 2013

    This white paper examines some simple reasons why utility customer engagement programs have had varying degrees of success. Data from several published Pike Research reports supports the conclusions to arrive at a more factual analysis and identify some seldom discussed trends. Finally, it presents approaches to win over customers as a launching pad for successful programs.
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