UX Team

UX Team

Our mission: Design as if the world depends on it

We apply user-centered design to energy data to transform it into products that are clear, intuitive, compelling, and profoundly effective at reducing America’s carbon footprint. What we get excited about: the challenge of designing products to make it easier for people to use less energy on a very large scale.

  • Today
    • 10 million people
    • 37 states
    • 9 countries

Total savings to date: 3,096,036,203 Kilowatt Hours

Our team: Small but perfectly formed

We may come from different places and ride different bikes, but we’re joined by our love of good design.

Our methods: How we’re different from our neighbors

Opower is not like other software companies. Our goal is to drive measurable energy savings, so we need to think beyond traditional product metrics and infuse behavioral science into our designs. Energy just isn’t that interesting to the majority of people, so we assume the burden of relevance. And in order to reach all types of people, all over the world, we have to understand design for all mediums: mobile, web, email, landline phone, and even the paper channel, a rare one for a software company.

Our 5 product design principles show how we build things the Opower way.

Join us: we’re hiring!

We are always interested in meeting talented, passionate designers.